The Barone brothers, Ginesseppe and Nicolo came to the Vale of Evesham over 40 years ago. They started growing crops in and around Offenham. There sons Franco and Giacomo followed them into the business and now have over 15 acres of protected glass and polytunnel. They specialize in growing baby leaves. We have been dealing directly with them for over 5 years.

Owned and run by father and son, Ken and Martin Andrews, we have been selling their produce for over thirty years and I feel they are probably the best growers and packers of salads and vegetables in the Vale of Evesham. They grow both protected and unprotected crops throughout the year.

In 2006 the Pilade and Mauro families, both long established growers in the Vale of Evesham, united to become a formidable force. They now have over 10 acres of glass and 26 acres of polytunnel and over 600 acres of prime land in production. In 2009 they were voted “GROWER OF THE YEAR.” We are happy to be dealing with them on a daily basis.